We’re Outnumbered by Lawless Politicians Running our Country.


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There is so much evil going on in our country right now right under our noses that I fear we cannot get out from under their spell. We never see it coming. Who knew Bitcoin was a ponzie scheme to help the Democrats win elections? How do we not know this ahead of time? Who in the Republican Party oversees these things and how did they miss it? We are too trusting.

Money Laundering 101.

1. Foreign aid goes to Ukraine.

2. Ukraine invests in $FTX

3. $FTX donates back to the Democratic Party.

4.Case closed. Ukraine meddled in our election.

No wonder Biden has been giving so much money to Ukraine. It wasn’t out of the goodness of his heart, it was another one of his laundering schemes. The only thing the old codger is good at. No wonder he never cared if Russia went to…

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