Power Rangers fic idea stuff.

Going through all my old Tomberly fic ideas that I planned to write a while back but never did (evil writers block!) and I’m working on reviving them…finally! Lol. The PR/CSI: Miami crossover is in progress, just struggling to get past the first scene (but at least the opening scene is written).

Currently working on the very first idea I ever came up with for our couple! The OG team are about 16 years old in it, or almost (shortly after Tommy got his White Ranger powers. Originally set around late Zeo season and early Turbo season, but I couldn’t make it fit with my storyline). Basically Kim and Tommy make love after a school dance and she gets pregnant, then Rita and Zedd plot something involving the baby. Still trying to figure that out though.

How do you think Kim and Tommy’s parents (and the other Rangers’ parents and Zordon and Alpha) would react when they find out that Kim’s pregnant? I think Tommy’s parents and at least most of the other Rangers’ families would be more accepting of it than Kim’s, particularly her mom and that Zordon and Alpha would be supportive after the initial shock. They act like more of a family to Kim than her own parents IMO. I think Uncle Steve and Ernie would support the couple too. I could also see most teachers and classmates being nice, but a few, like maybe Veronica may torment or shame them (especially Kim because unfortunately, people tend to shame girls more than boys in these situations. Jerks!). Bulk and Skull would probably surprise everyone.

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