A case for the TWRA; the traditionalist’s path to male-female equality and happy co-dependence.

the secular traditionalist

I am a Traditional Woman’s Rights Activist. Like feminists, MRAs and Egalitarians; the TWRAs simply want equality for men and women. The difference between our approach and the approach of feminists, MRAs and Egalitarians is that we acknowledge and embrace that in general there are differences between the two sexes.

We think that the traditional model was equality. Women had children and did work that was compatible with raising children while men did the jobs that were incompatible with raising children. In general they both contributed equally to the family unit and to society. Women contributed childcare and work that could be done while caring for children. The type of work women could do was therefore more limited than the type of work men could do and because half of the population was available to do this type of work; ‘’woman’s work’’ became undervalued.

So TWRA hope to change the way…

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