The Woke Virus is a Global Threat

Time for Truth

The Woke virus is the greatest threat to civilization today, it has the potential to wipe out freedom everywhere. In Woke Culture: Its Origins andAgendas, it was described, how the Woke Culture, hiding behind a smoke screen of social justice, attacks and cancels anyone who questions their agendas. Their goal is to eliminate opposing voices and force everyone to agree with them, to achieve ideological conformity.

The goals of the woke culture are: eliminate the nuclear family and Christianity, abolish our constitution and Capitalism, turn children transgender and eliminate the gender binary (man-woman). They want to divide Americans, by making victims and oppressors out of everyone, they want to defund law enforcement and let violent criminals out of jail, while refusing to prosecute crimes, allow open and unlimited immigration, cancel private property and personal possessions, re-write history, cancel books and movies and promote moral depravity.

That is a long…

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